Setting a shop's URL

Each shop can have its own web address (URL) – or even several addresses – entirely independent from the main shop (the first shop you have installed). You must define at least one web address for each shop.

Two shops cannot share the same address. If you try to give a new shop an address that is already in use by another shop, PrestaShop will display an error.
On the other hand, you can have as many shops on one domain name as you want:

Do not create any subdomain or subfolder yourself, either on your server or your computer: PrestaShop takes care of creating the path for you on your server. When the customer requests this path, PrestaShop will recognize the shop and serve the files and data for the correct store automatically.


Of course, a shop can also have its own domain name.


In case you want to use a different domain name for your supplemental shop rather than a subdomain/subfolder, you must configure your domain to point to the folder where PrestaShop is located. The URL rewriting is then done by PrestaShop itself.

Alternatively, you can create an alias for your domain name that redirects to the absolute URL where your installation of PrestaShop is located. The way to achieve this depends on the control panel and options that your hosting company provides you with: "Alias" for Plesk, "Forward" for CPanel, "Aliasdomain" for ISPConfig, etc.


To add a URL to a shop, select the shop in the "Multistore tree" selector, and then click on the "Add new URL" button. PrestaShop will load a screen with two sections and eight options: