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  • The multistore interface

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  • A "Yes/No" option at the top of each section of the settings page.
  • A check box next to each option.

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They both serve the same purpose: letting you enable the options that would otherwise be disabled in the current shop context. You can pick the options that you want to enable, or you can enable all the options of the section by switching the Yes/No option. Once enabled, it is up to you to change the value of each option: clicking the checkbox or switching the Yes/No option does not change any settings, it just allows you to change it in that context.



Nevertheless, some options cannot be edited on a local context: they will display "You can't change the value of this configuration field in the context of this shop"."


The following table indicates whether the item can also be customized for a single shop, for a group of shops, or for all shops at once.